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    42foundry is a design and innovation company. With its multidisciplinary and visionary development  team we mainly focus on delivering smart devices.

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    We envision new products and brands.

    We design, develop, and we bring

    them to life.

  • "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware"   

                                                                                                                  Alan Kay

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    We do applied industrial design, concept design, product design, including concept development, rapid prototyping and research services



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    App development

    We design & build apps for smartphones.

    We code firmaware to bring soul in microchips to connect new born devices.


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    need help?

    We even work with established companies to plan, design and build digital products.





  • Our work

    what we are doing right now


    Products under development


    research consultancy


    firmware/app dev and product development

  • People behind 42foundry

    here we go

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    Johnny Vaccaro


    arch. dipl. ETH


    He has experience in internet and mobile startups, product development and industrial design.

    His dream trendy iphone app?

    A leash for small and mid dogs


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    Gilles Caprari


    El. Eng. PhD ETH


    In charge for mechatronic and industrialisation at 42foundry, he knows more about robots than humans


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    Filippo Riva




    More than 10 years experience in startups, from mobile to biotech.

    He is in charge for counting the pennies


  • So you want to touch base? Go on

    Just drop us a mail, we will be happy to answer you




    Where we are

    You can reach us in the small

    town of Grono, Switzerland


    42foundry SA

    via Cassarinetta 2

    6900 Lugano